Links for parents

 The Australian Drug Foundation have produced a number of resources to help parents and teens. Information about the below can be found at

  • A guide called ‘The Other Talk’. It provides helpful facts and resources for parents and young people.
  • The effects of alcohol on young people
  • What is secondary supply?

A team of researchers from University of Melbourne, and Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre have developed an informational website for parents about the issues facing adolescents.

Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre, have developed a website providing parents with information about the issues faced by adolescents. Within this website lies ‘The Parenting Guidelines for Adolescent Use’

ReachOut  is Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people and their parents. Their dedicated site for parents is here:

Kids’ helpline; Being Resilient.

Resilience: helping your teenager ‘bounce back’.

15 Ways to Help Teenagers Feel Like They Matter.

How to talk to your teen.

The Queensland Police Service has created comprehensive resources to ensure party safety for hosts, parents and guests.

Which Parental Factors Influence Young People’s Choices About Alcohol?

Links for teenagers

The Queensland Government has developed a website specifically about Schoolies. It is full of helpful information for school-leavers and parents. Click here to take a look at the website. (Insert link:

Click here to take a look at information about alcohol and young people which has been prepared by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE). (Insert link:

The Queensland Government website provides information about health and wellbeing with specific information about alcohol and drink spiking. Click here to visit the website. Insert link

ReachOut  is Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people and their parents. Their dedicated site for young people is here:

The Seriously Smashed website is aimed at young people who may be binge drinking and putting themselves at risk. Check it out, it’s a great website.  (Insert link:
Click here to read a publically available report about energy drinks and alcohol. (Insert link:

The alcohol guidelines for reducing health risks, especially in relation to young people (link to: ‘national drinking guidelines’ content within ‘safer drinking tips’ section)
Comprehensive information written specifically for school leavers on the Queensland Government Schoolies webpage. (Link to:

A checklist of things to consider before you head off to Schoolies. Download and print the form to help you organise the celebration. (Insert link:

Other Useful Links like-they-matter/

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