Time to Talk Parent Information Session

It’s not uncommon that as a professional in the AoD sector you get asked to do group talks. As part of the Time to talk resources we have taken the work of doing this away from you. In the AOD time to talk resource kit we have put together:

  • Planning your session
  • Promoting your session
  • Session objectives, outline and Power point presentation online with voice over and ready to use
  • Session evaluation


Planning your session
The time to talk presentation has been prepared for you and will run for about 30 minutes. When you are conducting the presentation the audience usually ask questions and you can add in your own interesting facts and demonstrations. Therefore the time allocated to the session is one hour.

If you have been asked to do a presentation?
If you have been asked to present on the topic you already have your target audience determined and organised for you. Before going on to plan the content of your session ask the organiser what the background information is of the audience. For example are they all parents or careers, are there some teachers or grandparents in the room or other health care providers.

If you have a mix of audience members you may want to review the presentation or add some information or change up some slides to make it relevant to the audience. If you have health professionals maybe ask them on how they talk to teenagers or have they got any practical examples they could share with the audience.

Ask the organiser how many people are going to attend the session. Print and take with you the right number of hand outs and booklets plus a couple more. If someone hasn’t registered and comes along it is always good to take extra. Remember to include the organisers and other presenters with hands out.

For presentation and handouts please refer to the relevant sections.


Conducting a group sessions
For your program to run as smoothly as possible, it is important to start planning well in advance of your session. It is important to set out how and what you will need to do to run the program as effectively and efficiently as possible. For some people setting out a plan means writing checklists, for others it may mean doing a work break down structure. A checklist is provided in the AOD Worker Toolkit to assist you when planning your program.


Promoting your session

Promoting your program broadly will make it easier to recruit participants. You may need to obtain approval for any advertising and media releases.

Some ways to promote your program:

  • community meetings – this is a good opportunity to let community members know about the program.
  • Ask permission to place the Time to Talk flyer around various referral source sites such as clinic waiting rooms, store counters, council counters, gym receptions, housing cooperatives and schools
  • radio – local radio reaches a lot of people.
  • newspaper – place an advertisement in the local newspaper, community newsletter or school newsletter.


Promoting your session

Objectives of the Time to talk parent information session are:

  • Understand what the five protective factors are to delay or reduce the risks of harmful AOD use in teenagers.
  • To know when, how to make Time to talk
  • Understand how to promote a feeling of connection, value and support lasting sense of resilience in your teen
  • Know and understand the facts in order to communicate to your teenager.
  • Understand how to plan and supervise teenager parties and drinking
  • Practise positive behaviour in order to influence